A deed of gift

To all persons whom these presents shall come, I John Nutt of the State of Georgia and county of Washington for and in consideration of the love, goodwill and affection, which I have and do bear towards my two grand daughters Ceatron Cowsart and Peggy Ann Martin of the same county and state aforesaid do give and grant and by these presents do freely give and grant unto my two granddaughters Ceatron Cowsart and Peggy Ann Martin,  a certain tract of land lying in the county of Montgomery and state aforesaid containing two hundred and eighty acres Beginning on the big Ohoopie, beg. at a Blackgum running N. 60 W. 53.00 to a stake thence N. 30 E 53.00 to a pine thence S. 60 E. 53.00 to a stake on the Ohoopie and thence down the Ohoopie to the beginning . The said tract being granted to the said John Nutt by Edward Telfair Governor in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety one on the thirteenth of July and I do warrant the above mentioned tract of land to them and their heirs forever from me and my heirs. If either of my grand daughters Ceatron Cowsart and Peggy Ann Martin should die in their minority The survivor to hold the above given tract of land. In witness whereof I have hereunto put my hand and seal this 8th December 1800.
John Nutt (L.S.)
Signed and sealed in presence of
James Martin
Edward Bryan J. P.
Recorded and Exd. this 28 Jany 1817
Jas. Perry clk.