Lawton Jones and Maude Thompson       Nora Thompson ( mislabeled Lonie Mae in book)
Walter Thompson, wife Clyde Emma Smith
with Jeanne standing and infant Judy
Jim Thompson at home in Jesup, with grandchildren
Andala Shell and Gary Shell
Pete and his car
Pete with his car        Circa 1925 estimated
This photo came to me after the book was printed from Aletha T. Shell.  I've been told this was a model T. Note the absence of a driver's side door. On the right side is a close up shot of Pete's shadowed face.
This house, presently standing (2-2003) in
Glennville, was the home of William Dubberly in the 1850 census. Dubberly was home # 43 in the census. John Thompson's home was # 42 in the same census. See p. 9 in Kinfolks for map.
(Photo not shown in book.) Photo by author.
This photo shows a large family gathering
of what is believed to be Thompson
and Stanfield family members taken around the
turn of the century. (Not shown in book.)
Photo submitted by Mr. Hughes Thompson.