Tattnall County Inferior Court Records 1805-1832 (Including the 1819 Lottery Applicants)

By Gordon Anthony Thompson
Published in June 2003

For the first time ever, the early court records of one of Georgia's historic counties are faithfully transcribed and fully indexed. These records are a genealogists dream as they cover the period for which little or no census data is available. The early court records of one of Georgia's largest frontier counties are now available in a format sure to save users valuable time and money.
      Instead of aimless wandering through multiple volumes of hard-to-read and non-indexed records in an often fruitless, needle-in-the-haystack search, genealogists can now find exactly what they are looking for in these early records. And with these faithful transcriptions, there is no need for copying fees for pages of records that may not even relate to the searcher's goal. The records are compiled from three hardbound volumes found in the Tattnall County Courthouse records which were microfilmed by the state in the 1960's.
       Never before have these records been this useful or user-friendly. The affordable price makes these records an accessible and valuable addition to every home library that will be referenced again and again.
       Historians will love the never-before-read, first-hand accounts of frontier justice in the lawyer-less Inferior Court system. See for yourself what constituted justice in the Georgia frontier community. Read for yourself how the issues of the day were met by the growing community of Georgia pioneers. These primary source accounts are some of the best available records of people who lived on the early Georgia frontier.

Note: Since publication it is been pointed out that there was an omission on page. 136. Gabriel Cason should have been listed among the 1820 Lottery applications of 1819. In the originals, he was listed as a "widower with child", and entitled to two draws in the lottery. The omission is regretted. As always, any corrections or updates will be faithfully posted on this website or mailed directly to those who request it.

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The Tattnall County Georgia Superior Court Records of

By Gordon Anthony Thompson
Published in June 2005

Atlanta Journal Constitution Book Review Article

Finally, the companion book, The Tattnall Co. Georgia Superior Court Records 1805-1832 is ready!!
Published in June of 2005 through a grant from the R.J. Taylor Foundation, this long-awaited book is now available. This book covers the Superior Court records of 1805-1832.
For Tattnall researchers this has been a fortuitous year. As luck would have it, Mrs. Sabina Murray and the Huxford Society also secured a R. J. Taylor Grant to fund publication of their book "Loose Records of Tattnall County 1801-1845". You may order her book from Huxford by visiting www.huxford.com .
Coupled with Thompson's The Tattnall Co. Georgia Superior Court Records 1805-1832 and The Tattnall Inferior Court Records of 1805-1832, these works offer a chance to answer a host of questions about life in early Tattnall County. Each book has new discoveries and compliments the other. For those seeking new information on Tattnall County, the wait is over.

The Tattnall County, Georgia Superior Court Records of 1805-1832 is handsomely bound in hardback with full index and numerous appendixes and consists of 400 pages. The book was printed by the respected genealogical publishers at Gateway Press Inc. of Baltimore Maryland.
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