Late additions and corrections to Kinfolks Across the River: 
p. 2 footnote # 8: The first of these Iand grants to Irish Protestants occurred in 1768.
p. 4 footnote #20 Clarification: James Habersham Jr. and Noble W. Jones joined the rebels while their fathers remained Loyalists. The Indian trader, Lachlan McGillivray returned to Scotland by 1782, though his son Alexander stayed. Alexander later became a powerful personality and Indian agent. His allegiance is disputed as he was said to be vengeful over the loss of his father's land to the Patriots. Even as the guest of  Pres. Washington and Mrs. John Adams, Alexander (who saw himself as an Indian) is said to have been plotting revenge for the way his father's land was taken. *A Treasury of Georgia Tales-Webb Garrison pgs.117-118
p. 6 footnote #46 Clarification: Benjamin's offspring (including Hezikiah and probably Malachi) migrated to Charlton County after the War Between the States. Benjamin probably died in Bryan Co.
p. 16 The relationship of the wife and children of James Thompson (1815-1898-From Huxford Vo. 5 p. 457) is too speculative to be included. I made this uncertainty noted on page 43 but neglected to edit it from the relationships on p. 15. Note: Mary Catherine, Julius Henry and Missouri Canady, Mary Elizabeth and John W. Cannady, Emily and George Drawdy, Sarah and John Hodges , Caroline M. , John C., Jane and Houston Cason have no known relationship to John Thompson. The possibility exists that James Thompson (1815-1898) was brother to John Thompson, though Huxford's says the father of James was William. (Evidence does exist however of at least one Richard Thompson circa 1830-1840's in the Tattnall-Bryan Co. area as having a father named William.) Nonetheless, I regret this bit of speculation was not edited out of the relationships until it could be confirmed.
p. 22  "Nathan Smart (R.S.) was the father of Evaline Vastia Smart"-Research by Robert Colson and Johnna Josey Davis contradicts published research of Judge Grice. According to Colson and Davis, Nathan Smart's family bible shows that he was actually Evaline Smart's grandfather. Davis can find no record of Smart's Revolutionary service. Both contend that the eldest Nathan Smart was married to Nancy Rowell, the daughter of Revolutionary soldier, John Rowell. They say Evaline Smart's father was James Smart (1775-1816) who married Loanza Lowe in Camden County. Colson can be reached at 5020 Littlebury Rd. S.E., Huntsville, AL. 36802 or email at Davis is at 
p. 22 footnote 112 Henery Gaston appears in other Tattnall Court records (1806) as Henry Gaster. The different spelling may be attributed to different writers, who wrote with different "accents". 
p. 28 footnote #175 following parentheses should read "Many of these people married into the Thompson family" and properly refers to footnote #174 & Bulloch County petition names of 1795. 
p. 29 footnote #181 Georgia: A Short History by E. Merlton Coulter c.1947 N.C. Press p.276 Coulter writes that “free Negroes were allowed to enter the state provided they registered their presence within 30 days.” Coulter also adds that “after 1852 they were required to pay a poll tax of $5”.
p. 31 footnote # 190 combantants should read "combatants"  
p. 34/35 Alexander Thompson's birth was inadvertently listed twice. Should properly read 1834 only.
p. 40 & 114 James (Jimmy)Thompson's  birthdate should read 9 Oct 1896, NOT, 9 Sep 1896.
p. 73  Sandfield [Not Standfield] Cemetery is located south of Daisy in Evans County.
p. 78 47th Regiment Co. H    Abel Thompson, should say "probably the son of John's uncle Solomon b. 1775 or cousin Solomon b. 1815" John had no brother named Solomon.
p. 89  footnote # 383 "he has says" should read "he says"
p. 90 "lexicologist" should read "vexillologist"
p. 98 "at nearly" should read "at nearly every", "bit" should read "but", footnote #390"is a scrap" should read "in a scrap,  
p. 102 & 186 Reliable oral accounts give Pete Thompson's residence as the first location of the Odum switchboard. The "The Martin's Nest" is known to have housed a switchboard. However, Pete Thompson probably ran his switchboard from another yet-undetermined residence. His son, Walter recalls that it was a one-story residence.
p. 105  "Alright then, if bring", should read "Alright then, if I bring" 
p. 106 "Lonice took her out back showed her", should read "took her out back and showed"
p. 110 The notebook was actually Jim's, not Pete's. Author error. 
p. 112 #2 Richard W. Thompson CSA (son of John) died 23 Nov 1884 and is buried at Watermelon Creek Church Cemetery alongside his wife Julia Dubberly. J. Londrico postulated that James Thompson actually was the son of Mary Hagin.
p. 112 #4 Cena “Sinneth Ann” Thompson b. 13 June 1851, d. 7 Jul 1936 buried at Old Bethel, Odum.
p. 112 #3 Stacey Dubberly Thompson had a son after James died by the name of Grover Cleveland Thompson. “Cleve” was listed as a resident of Savannah in Stacey’s death notice(24 Nov 1926) in the 2 Dec 1926 edition of the Jesup Sentinel.

p. 113 Clinton W. Thompson was adopted by Henry Marvin and Gracy Hallman Thompson.
p. 119 Add Lawton Jr. and Richard "Dick" Jones as children of Lawton and Maude Thompson Jones.
Note: Lawton Jones Jr. was a B-24 pilot in WWII who was killed during a bombing run over Munich, Germany according to his uncle, Walter Thompson. 
p. 112 #4 Cena "Sinneth Ann" Thompson b. 13 June 1851 d. July 1936 buried Old Bethel Bapt.-Odum
p. 130 #85 Add Hilda Thompson Shaw as daughter of Fanny Landon. John Douce Thompson is John Douce Thompson Jr. Also # 85 ii, should be John Dowdy [not Daniel] Thompson.
p. 128 #71 Hughes Thompson was born 20 July 1920 and died 17 July 2002 on St. Simons Island. He was a WWII veteran and native of Glennville. His wife Letitia Eason was born 2 Aug 1926 in Tampa, Fla and died 27 Oct. 1997 in Brunswick, Ga. They were married on 14 Nov. 1948. She was the daughter of Arthur Jennings Eason and Juanita Hamilton of Collins. Their ancestor William Eason, was the founder of Mt. Carmel Methodist Church in Collins.
p. 147   # 186 and #187 Jessie Nell Padgett and children are listed twice.
p. 185 Top photo labeled "Lonie Mae" is actually Nora Thompson.
p. 197 Gilshot Thomas' daughter is named Elizabeth. His wife's name is still unknown.
p. 217 (& 137) "Pludger" Burkhalter should be "Pledger".
p. 230 "Sanfield" should read "Stanfield" as noted on page.

Interesting note: Jim Thompson's daughter Aletha Shell related that her mother Lonice Thomas Thompson once commented on all the invited and "uninvited" guests who stopped by their house for a visit and a meal (or two) which she was obligated to prepare. Among the "uninvited" guests was the famous Georgia nomad, THE Goat Man. Click here for a biography on this unique man that Jim Thompson was proud to call a friend.

Correction to Tattnall County Inferior Court Records 1805-1832
p. 136 Among the 1819 (executed in1820) Lottery Applicants - Gabriel Cason was listed in Jesse Durrences' District with 2 draws as a widower with child. [Some sort of computer glitch caused Cason's name to omitted from the text.]
Transcribed Documents: 

1800- Transcribed -Deed of Gift from John Nutt of Washington County to Ceatron Cowsart and Peggy Ann Martin, witnessed by James Martin. Relations mentioned. I included this document while exploring possible Thompson-Martin relations. I post it here for others to use as well. Montgomery and Washington Co. references. This document was recorded in Tattnall county in 1817, thus the land tract must have been in Tattnall county at that time.

1801-1806 Tattnall County- Clive D. Wyld, Arthur Lott, Reuben Chance, Wm. Ryan, Jane Thompson, James Martin     pg. 1        pg 2       pg 3     pg 4     pg 5     pg 6  Sale of land grant, involving James Martin, witnessed by Miss Jane Thompson(Thomson) of Burke County. No relationship established. 
  Transcription of above document in word document.

3 May 1819-Tattnall County-James Thompson Senr.- deceased-administration bond on estate pg. 1    pg. 2 
Appears to be related to Col James Thompson of S.C.. He and his son James Jr. supposedly died well before 1819 according to a series of articles in the S.C. Magazine of Ancestral Research of 00-01. Adminstrator William Wilder appears on Bulloch county documents along with Preston Wise, Abraham Hobbs, Stephen Denmark and Elizabeth MIkell. (See Alvaretta K. Register- "Bulloch County Genealogy Source Materials"- 1985)  Referred to in Kinfolks.
Transcription of 1819 Document in word document

2 Nov 1819 -Bryan County-Archibald Thompson(& several heirs) to James Martin  pg 1       pg 2
Archhibald Thompson and several heirs selling what appears to be an established homeplace or otherwise developed property in Bryan County.
Referenced in Kinfolks and cited with relationships.
Transcription of above document in word document

1823 Bulloch County document- Lucy Griffin/Israel Baxter/James Baxter deed of slave named Doll (also John & Ben) to Israel (of Tattnall ) Witnessed by Jno. Thompson, apparently a Justice of Peace of Bulloch County. Recorded in Tattnall County by clerk Jas. Perry 1824.
Transcription of above document in word document

1826 Last will of Simon Smith, father of James Smith, Allen Smith, Alexander Smith, Rebecka Smith Strickland, Mary Smith Conner (wife of Wilson Conner). Transcribed.  Also, mentions grandson Benjamin F. Dowdy, several grandchildren by name, and several slaves of Simon Smith with given names listed.

1834 Thomas B. Thompson-Bulloch County Taxes due  pg 1   pg 2 

1834- The Case of the Robbery of William Thompson by Robert and Patrick Hardin at the Ohoopee Saw Mills Village home of James and Justine Drake. This fantastic testimony reveals alot about the roles of women on the frontier, particularly Mrs. Drake (formerly Justine Hancock) and the life of slaves on the Georgia frontier. This is simply amazing history.  A slave (Bill) of Benjamin Stripling socialized until midnight with the accused, at the home of the Drakes, some 4 to 5 miles from his owner's plantation. Plaintiff defends slave Bill and Drake's female slave from attempts by the defense to blame them for the robbery. Issue of slave Bill having liqour is skirted by the prosecution. Drake is one of the Tattnall area's most noteworthy women. Transcibed in word document, featuring five pages of testimony.  

1861-Tattnall County- Thomas B. Thompson, Elizabeth Thompson, John Thompson, heirs of Thomas B. and ElizabethThis document and relationships to Thomas B. Thompson are referred to in Kinfolks. 
Transcription of 1861 Document (above) in word document

1846-Tattnall County Richard Thompson gift to son Thomas B. Thompson-This document confirms that Thomas Thompson is the son of Richard Thompson and identifies land given to Thomas B. Referenced in Kinfolks book. 
Transcription of 1846 Document (above) in word document

1847 Tattnall-Bulloch County Nathan Brewton Sr./William Waters/Benj. Brewton-Land on "Canoochie" River  Page 1    Page 2  Tattnall County Deed Book #? p. 72 and 73  Transcription of above document 

March 1858 Tattnall County Treasury Book Juror Payees

1867 John Thompson/Edward Anderson-Guardianship of John Douberly Orphans   pg.1    pg. 2
Transcription of above document  Tattnall County Courthouse Bond Book pg. 14

1876 Tattnall Co.- Marriage License of Richard A. Thompson and Sena (Cena) A. Thompson
3 Oct 1876 performed by William Dubberly J.P. in Tattnall County, Referenced and cited in relationships in Kinfolks.

1895 illegal Voters List of GMD 40-Tattnall County compiled from 1878-1894  pg. 110 
  pg. 22    pg 23 
Includes Henry Smith to John L. Williams, colored and white, pages 22 and 23 - This appears to be a list of voters who have not paid the poll tax or otherwise qualified to vote. Includes Peter Thompson and B. F. Waters  (Soliciting comments on what constituted "illegal" voters during these years.)

1904 Tattnall Voters Book page from G.M. District 40 -Thompson, Strickland, Stanfield, Hallman, Jordan, Durrence, Yeomans, Anderson -Transcribed in Kinfolks

Research Note Document (undated) Relating to Matlock Cemetery, and families of Tillman, Baxter, Surrency, Copeland, Stanley, Dukes, Strickland and others. The note appears to be written by or from an interview with Mr. C. N. Boone of Glennville Ga, RFD.
I found this note after I visited 2 libraries (Ladson and Statesboro) one day in my early attempts at research. In my clumsiness I neglected to note where I found the note, what file it was in, etc. I put it away until one day when I mentioned it to Anderson family researcher Laura Sweat who became excited when she saw it.  She noted that it had reference to Vince Lake and held a clue as to how some of the lakes in that area were named...probably for children. Which the notes clearly confirmed. I have now copied images of the notes and hope that others might find it useful. My attempts at transcriptions follow. By looking at the images you might be able to do a better job with transcribing or correct any errors I may have made. The note in the corner about Yellow Fever 1876 is mine..oops! I must have been using the page as a scratchpad...or either I was theorizing as to the cause of the many deaths of youngsters in the Matlock cemetery and other parts of Tattnall during the 19th century. 

Upper Left

Mr. C. N. Boone
Glennville, Ga. RFD

Stephen Matlock - His family moved to Tex.
Florida Matlock = 1st D._ DaShield (divorced)
                              2nd Elza Tillman

Mary Copeland Parents Jesse Copeland  = Stephen Matlock
Eliza  "                                                             = Stephen Baxter
One  "                                                             = Tatum (?)
Jane "                                                             = Henry Surrency
"                                                                      =  "            "
James "                                                        

Lower Left

Abraham Strickland m. Mary Dukes m. Sep. 19, 1839
} Remer
Mathew - taught school
Harriet m. Lynn
Millie m. Baker
Sophronia b. 8-3-1852 m. Calvin Yeomans
Newton m. Belle Tapley

Ed Strickland (2nd husband) m. Rosalind Rosallie Anderson  -- m. Warren
Albert m. 
[To me it appears that Albert is the son of Abraham Strickland and Mary Dukes, but you can look at the notes and see what you think. It might be that the writer meant to indicate he was the son of Ed. Strickland.]

Right page

Matlock Cemetery
Mary E. dau. of Elza & Florida Tillman d. Nov 13 1858
age 5 - 8 mos- 3 days
Also Georgia d. Mch. 23, 1856
Age 1 yr. 3 mo. 14 days
Mary Copeland 2nd wife of Stephen Matlock d. 12-30-1847
Age 30 yrs.
Stephen Matlock d. 10-28-1853 Age about 80 yrs.
Georgia "              dau. of Stephen Matlock d. 2-9-1842 
Age 14 yrs. 9 mos. -19 days
Mary Stanley wife of Stephen Matlock d. Oct 14 1837 Age 45 yr. 
Near Bluff Lake, Near Jesse & Shade and Vince Lake Named for Standly ch. of Rebecca Standly and Anderson
For an idea of where these lakes are, since they graves are noted to be near the lakes named above we can refer to the Tattnall County Cemetery Book by Moses Coleman which identifies this cemetery as being at N. 31 degrees 51.33' W 82 degrees 02.12'
Or "from the intersection of US 280 and Ga. 121 (Reidsville) go south 17 miles on Ga. 121. Turn left onto Mack Phillips Road and go 3 miles. The cemetery is in the woods about 125 yards to the right of the road."

To view images of the notes/document click below. Images 1-3 are not flipped but 4-7 are. The original note as you see in image 1 was written on both sides of a sheet of paper, then folded with half the notes on the left side being upside down. To make it easier to view I flipped the images in 4-7 so you can print them out to see for yourself.

Image 1                       Image 5

Image 2                       Image 6

Image 3                        Image 7

Image 4

Without knowing more I would guess that Mr. C.N. Boone of Glennville is a relative of Mr. J.R. Boone who wrote the Padgett Family Sketches (1954-1957) and perhaps this note was even one of Mr. J.R. Boone's. 
Note: Researcher Elaine Steere has identified Mr. C. N. Boone as Columbus Boone or "Lum" as he was called. Thanks Elaine!!

Kicklighter descendants of Bridger Jones by Ted E. Lewis, author of The Family of Bridger and Rachel Barry Jones of Bulloch County, Georgia and Some Allied Families   
Buy the Bridger Jones book and see other books for sale here.

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1916 Report on Schools of Tattnall County featuring a mention of Miss Lily Thompsonschool teacher at Mile High school near Manassas, with pictures and locations of most county schools, including Negro schools.

Many folks tell me this family reunion photo is a fascinating artifact of our Tattnall Heritage. Click here to view.

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Book # 1. The Tattnall County Inferior Records of 1805-1832
Including the 1819 Land Lottery Applicants 
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Book # 2 The Tattnall County Georgia Superior Court Records of 1805-1832 [Companion to the book above.- Hardback- 408 Pages] 
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